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  • Linda R. Niagara Falls, On


    Microblading has always been something I have been interested in and wanted to try. I have struggled with uneven and very faint eyebrows most of my life which I’d have to fill/pencil in on a daily basis.

    I went to see Filiz at Pure Match Skin Fx who explained the process to me in great detail to ensure I was comfortable with everything . She was very knowledgeable, informative and patient with me and I was excited to finally get this procedure done.

    She took her time in everything she did to ensure my eyebrows looked perfect and they did! They came out great, better than I expected, and they looked very natural which I loved the most.

    I couldn’t be happier with my new eyebrows and I am happy I went to Pure Match Skin FX.

    Thank you Filiz! You are amazing!

  • Madam Lashes

    I initially contacted Pure Match Skin FX upon the referral of a friend who had her eyebrows microbladed by Filiz. I loved what I saw she did for my friend and wanted to get mine done as well . When I went for my consultation I discovered they also offer scar coverage . I had a scar on my arm which I wasn’t crazy about and was intrigued by the idea of camouflaging it. Filiz went over everything with me in great detail before, during and after my treatments. She was available to speak with in between appointments when I wanted to confirm the area was healing properly. Her pricing was so reasonable, the quality of work impeccable. If you have skin discolouration you want to get rid of , or want a realistic looking eyebrow tattoo this is definitely the place to go to.

  • Anna P. Mississauga, On

    I was referred to Pure Match Skin FX from a friend. I have bad stretch marks on my stomach (child birth) and always was so self conscious about them. I called to book a consultation and I must say that Filiz was very friendly and thorough during my appointment, she made me feel very comfortable. 🙂 It was only my first session, a few more to go for sure but what a difference it has made already.
    I'm so excited to finally get rid of these.
    This women is a genius

  • Amanda L. Stoney Creek, On

    I am in love with the work I had done with Pure Match Skin FX. I have done both micropigmentation and microblading there.

    I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time. Filiz shaped them beautifully and the colour looks so natural with her perfect strokes . She went over everything in detail and communicated with me during my session to make sure I could see how it looked as we went along .

    I later came back to lighten a burn mark I had gotten years ago. It is barely noticeable anymore . The procedure itself was very simple and not invasive at all. Overall very happy with the outcome.

    Everything is very clean and comfortable . She explains everything in detail. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Pure Match !

  • Lakeside “Fifi” Contracting

    I have struggled with Vitiligo for 20+ years and the results were life changing!!! I can't thank you enough Filiz for helping me on the outside which has also improved the inside, my self confidence! Pure Match Skin FX is spotless and beautifully decorated. It's obvious Filiz takes her position so seriously, as if she puts herself in our shoes. You can tell she cares deeply about her clients. She is so talented! I would definitely recommend!

  • Tina C. Caledon, On

    I want to thank Filiz at Pure Match Skin FX for the remarkable work she’s done for me. I had been self conscious for years about the scars I had from an operation. Micro-pigmentation has made these barely noticeable. My results were even better than I hoped. Filiz made me feel so calm and comfortable from beginning to end. She was very thorough in explaining the entire process and I looked forward to going in to my appointments. I would highly recommend Pure Match Skin FX to anyone who has any scarring they are uncomfortable with. Thanks Filiz!

  • Melissa C. Toronto, On

    I can not recommend Pure Match Skin FX enough! I did microblading for my eyebrows since some areas my hair doesnt grow and its patchy. Filiz is incredibly talented and pays so much attention to detail. She was precise and perfected my eyebrow shape. She also matched my colour exactly to my liking! Not to mention she made me feel super comfortable and followed all sterilization and sanitization protocols. Thank you!

  • Jason M. Toronto, On

    Hi! For over 30 years I've tried every cream, lasering and other techniques out there, and they didn't put a dent in my stretch mark and acne scar issues. With the scar camouflage technique that Filiz is using, I'm finally seeing real results! Our monthly sessions are long - almost 4 hours, but Filiz is always cheerful, professional and patient with me. I have no hesitation recommending her to others who suffer from the same skin issues that I do.

  • Naz Far

    Filiz’s work is amazing. First of all, she is very patient and answers all the concerns/ questions you may have. She is also very fair and a good person so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off by her like a lot of places do. Her work is really good. I have had one session with her scar Camouflage and I love the results already. I will definitely go back. Highly recommended!!

  • Annie G. Caledon, On

    Great experience, Filiz is very professional, knowledgeable and talented artistically. She answered all my questions, made me feel very comfortable and was great to chat with while I was being treated.

  • Thiago Music Online

    My name is Thiago and I am a recording artist from Toronto and I came to see Filiz at Pure Match Skin Fx for micro blading! I had some sparsity in my eye brows that had been bothering me for years! I had to constantly fill them in and although it didn’t appear to be as bad to others to me it was apparent and it was something that bothered me. After extensive research online I finally came across Pure FX and I am so happy I waited to find the perfect person to help me achieve the look I wanted.

    As an artist I am constantly behind cameras and soon I will be filming music videos and photo shoots. Filiz is a professional through and through she took the time to explain every single detail of the procedure before and after. She took her time during the procedure and explained everything she was doing as she was doing it which made me feel more comfortable. I highly recommend Filiz to anyone who is looking to have microblading or any other service done. You will be so happy with the results and leave pure fx with a new friend! Thank you Filiz!!! My eye brows are flawless!!! The photos I posted are only from the first session I will be returning to see Filiz again on March 1st! I am so excited to see the final product!!!

  • Sam F. Georgetown, On

    Received treatment to address dark markings on face. The results are amazing and I could not be happier. Very professional experience. Highly recommend.

  • Robert P., Milton, On

    I was very self-conscious about a birthmark on my face in the eye region. I found out about the micropigmentation from a friend at work. He said his wife knew someone who had gone to Pure Match for the exact same thing. I didn’t believe it. I though it would be impossible to hide this mark on my face. After a few sessions I saw a gigantic difference in the size and colour of my birthmark. It was unreal. Towards the end of my sessions when the birthmark had been completely lightened, they finished it with pigment that matched my actual complexion. I would recommend Pure Match Skin FX to anyone who wants professional work and excellent service. Filiz was so informative about the inks and the aftercare. It is obvious she is an artist as well as someone who really cares about her clients.

  • Gabriel N., Vaughan, On

    I went to Pure Match Skin FX to cover burn marks on my leg, the result of a work accident 4 years ago. I was treated with kindness and professionalism every session. I am in awe at the results. The second degree burn marks I thought I would have to see my whole life, now look like the rest of my skin. I could not be happier with how it turned out. Thank you Pure Match Skin FX!

  • Vikki M. Mississauga , On

    I had a breast reduction for medical reasons over 6 years ago. The reduction left me with no areolas. At the surgeon’s office I was offered a tattoo in lieu of my actual nipples. These turned out to be two flat brown circles on my chest which looked like they had been drawn on with a marker. I had a hard time with how I looked without clothes on. I found Filiz and made an appointment. I was scared to expect much. She talked to me and asked me what I wanted to see when I looked at myself. She had a colour chart where I showed her which combination looked most like me before surgery. I wanted to go ahead with the micropigmentation and hoped it would look somewhat better. Filiz created the illusion of a three-dimensional nipple. The colours and the shading were amazing. I was so happy with it after the very first session. I went two more times and it was perfect. I told her she had been the one I was looking for all these years.

  • Elizabeth E., Mississauga, On

    It was through word of mouth I heard about Filiz and the work she was doing with scar camouflage at Pure Match Skin FX. I am so glad I asked for her contact info when I did. I had tried everything to try and hide he scars from my facelift. I would leave my hair down as often as possible when out in public. I tried covering them with makeup. I met Filiz and soon felt so comfortable. She went over everything I should expect from the treatment. After my second session I could already see a visible change. After 7 session my surgical scars were now in disguise! I am so happy with how it turned out and I can wear my hair up as much as I like again.

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