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  • Robert P., Milton, On

    I was very self-conscious about a birthmark on my face in the eye region. I found out about the micropigmentation from a friend at work. He said his wife knew someone who had gone to Pure Match for the exact same thing. I didn’t believe it. I though it would be impossible to hide this mark on my face. After a few sessions I saw a gigantic difference in the size and colour of my birthmark. It was unreal. Towards the end of my sessions when the birthmark had been completely lightened, they finished it with pigment that matched my actual complexion. I would recommend Pure Match Skin FX to anyone who wants professional work and excellent service. Filiz was so informative about the inks and the aftercare. It is obvious she is an artist as well as someone who really cares about her clients.

  • Gabriel N., Vaughan, On

    I went to Pure Match Skin FX to cover burn marks on my leg, the result of a work accident 4 years ago. I was treated with kindness and professionalism every session. I am in awe at the results. The second degree burn marks I thought I would have to see my whole life, now look like the rest of my skin. I could not be happier with how it turned out. Thank you Pure Match Skin FX!

  • Vikki M. Mississauga , On

    I had a breast reduction for medical reasons over 6 years ago. The reduction left me with no areolas. At the surgeon’s office I was offered a tattoo in lieu of my actual nipples. These turned out to be two flat brown circles on my chest which looked like they had been drawn on with a marker. I had a hard time with how I looked without clothes on. I found Filiz and made an appointment. I was scared to expect much. She talked to me and asked me what I wanted to see when I looked at myself. She had a colour chart where I showed her which combination looked most like me before surgery. I wanted to go ahead with the micropigmentation and hoped it would look somewhat better. Filiz created the illusion of a three-dimensional nipple. The colours and the shading were amazing. I was so happy with it after the very first session. I went two more times and it was perfect. I told her she had been the one I was looking for all these years.

  • Elizabeth E., Mississauga, On

    It was through word of mouth I heard about Filiz and the work she was doing with scar camouflage at Pure Match Skin FX. I am so glad I asked for her contact info when I did. I had tried everything to try and hide he scars from my facelift. I would leave my hair down as often as possible when out in public. I tried covering them with makeup. I met Filiz and soon felt so comfortable. She went over everything I should expect from the treatment. After my second session I could already see a visible change. After 7 session my surgical scars were now in disguise! I am so happy with how it turned out and I can wear my hair up as much as I like again.

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